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    Get Started with Flexible Earn

    Mamoru Earn allows you to earn daily rewards by depositing your digital assets with flexible or time-locked terms.

    Flexible Earn allows you to register or redeem at almost any time, so you retain flexibility and liquidity of your crypto assets — while earning daily rewards. 

    Fixed Earn will provide higher rewards in exchange for your assets being committed for a fixed time period with predetermined redemption dates. 


    Here is how you can get started with Mamoru Flexible Earn:

    1. Sign in to your Mamoru Account.

    2. Click the [Earn] tab in the navigation bar.

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    3.  For Earn Flexible, there is no fixed investment period, and funds that you deposit can be redeemed flexibly — at any time. In the Mamoru Earn dashboard, you can select from the Earn products that are available in your region.

    4. On the Mamoru Earn dashboard, click on the crypto that you wish to deposit. Once you select the crypto asset that you want to deposit, you can begin entering the information in the required fields.

    5. Begin by entering the amount that you wish to deposit into Mamoru Earn.


    6. Note the [Minimum] amount that you need to deposit.


    7. If you do not have any crypto or fiat money to use for Mamoru Earn, you can easily do make a deposit by clicking the deposit button to the right of [Available funds].

    8. Once the amount is entered, you can see the estimated reward's payout, broken down per day.


    9. Read and agree to the Mamoru Earn Terms, by checking the box.

    10. Click [Register]

    11. You have successfully registered with Mamoru Earn Flexible. Watch your rewards grow and redeem at any time.

    12. You can view all Mamoru Earn assets that are currently deposited, by clicking [View Earn Assets] — on the right side of your Earn dashboard.




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