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    How to buy assets 

    1. In the header navigation menu located at the top section, click Trade to start purchasing crypto assets. 

    2. From the left-hand side of your Mamoru Trading screen, the [Buy] tab will be selected by default, with BTC being the default crypto to buy.  
    3. Start with selecting a crypto asset to purchase by browsing the first drop-down menu option – simply scroll or type in the ticker symbol of your desired crypto asset. 
    4. Select which fiat currency you want to use to make your purchase. You will need to first make a fiat deposit to fund your Mamoru account — see [How to Deposit Fiat] to fund your account. 
    5. Select the amount of the crypto asset that you want to purchase. Note: You can change your requested quantity to be denominated in your native fiat currency instead of crypto — by selecting [Change to USD]. 
    6. Click the [Buy] button. 
    7. Depending on what 2FA method you have enabled, you will be asked to provide a secondary password to complete your transaction — complete as follows. 

    8. Your crypto buy order is completed. 


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