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    1. In order to deposit Fiat currency from your bank account to the Mamoru account, you must complete the Identity verification (KYC Level 3) step. After completing this step, you can log in to your Mamoru account by entering your phone number/email address and password. 

    2. From the header navigation menu at the top, under the Funding menu, click the Deposit link 

    3. Select the fiat currency that you wish to deposit.  

    4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit. 

    5. Select the Remittance Bank’s Country/Region.

    6. Click the [Next] button to check the beneficiary bank information for wire transfers. 

    7. Use your online/mobile banking service to make the fund transfer to the beneficiary bank and upload the proof of remittance. Your Mamoru account will be credited upon verification. Important: Mamoru does not support transfers from accounts registered under a different name. Please make the fund transfer from a sole account registered in your name, otherwise the fund will not be credited. 

    8. Once uploaded, click the [Next]  button to submit your fiat deposit request.


    9. Deposit request submitted. You will be notified once we received your transfer. Usually, within 1-5 working days, the request will be completed.   

    10. Incorrect deposit amounts or deposit exceeding quota will result in delay or failure of fund deposits. Contact Mamoru support for assistance.  

    11. Mamoru only accepts transfers from sole accounts registered in your name. 

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