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    How to sell assets

    1. In the header navigation menu located at the top section, click Trade to start selling crypto assets 

    2. From the left-hand side of your Mamoru trading screen, select the [Sell] tab. Note: BTC will be the default crypto to buy.  
    3. Begin by selecting a crypto asset to sell by browsing the first drop-down menu option – simply scroll or type in the ticker symbol of your desired crypto asset.
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    4. Select which fiat currency you want to use in your transaction. 
       Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 2.38.56 PM 
    5. Select the quantity of the crypto asset that you wish to sell. Note: You can change your requested quantity to be denominated in your native fiat currency instead of crypto — by selecting [Change to USD]. 
    6. Click the [Sell] button.  
    7. Depending on what 2FA method you have enabled, you will be asked to provide a secondary password to complete your transaction — complete as follows. 

    8. Your crypto sell order is completed. 


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