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    How to sign up

    1.  Starting from the homepage, click on the [Register] button in the navigation bar or enter your email address and click [Get Started].


    2. In the Registration screen, you will have the option to select between [Email] and [Phone] for the sign-up process. Enter your information.

    3. After your information is entered correctly, click the [Register] button.

    4. Once prompted, enter the system generated verification code that is sent to you via email or mobile SMS.

    5. Once completed, you will see a message that your account has been verified successfully.  

    6. From here, click the [Login] button and use your registered email/phone + password to log in to your account. 

    Your registration is complete. 


    To make your first deposit and begin purchasing crypto, you’ll need to complete identity verification and add your banking details. See [How to complete individual account verification]. 



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