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    How to withdraw fiat 

    In order to withdraw Fiat from your bank account to Mamoru account, your bank account information must be fully verified (refer to KYC Level 3). 

    1. Log in to

    2. In the header navigation menu at the top, under the Funding drop-down menu, click the Withdrawal link to go to the withdrawal page 

    3. Click the Withdraw Fiat button located at the top right section to go to the Withdraw Fiat page 

    Fill in the withdrawal form below and click the [Withdraw] button to submit your request. 


    1. Mamoru platform needs to process and review the fund transfer upon submission of the withdrawal request. The arrival time of your withdrawal depends on the region of your receiving bank. 

    2. Handling fees may apply in certain banks. Please consult with your bank about their applicable fees before submitting a withdrawal request. 

    3. The withdrawal beneficiary bank account must be registered and verified with Mamoru; otherwise, the withdrawal requests would fail. 

    4. In case of failure of withdrawal fund transaction due to problems of your bank, refunding may take 1-2 weeks and handling fees may apply. 

    5. Your account will be permanently frozen if any unusual operation or illegal fund is identified. Please contact the support team by clicking “Help” button in the page 

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