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    What is Mamoru Earn 

    Are you looking to get the most out of your crypto assets? Introducing the new Mamoru Earn platform. The crypto earning product that makes it easier than ever to earn extra rewards for depositing and holding your digital assets on the Mamoru platform.

    Maximize Your Earnings and Build Your Wealth with Mamoru's Earn Products

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    Whether you're looking for a flexible or fixed-term deposit, our Earn products has you covered. With Mamoru Earn, you can choose between two different product offerings, including Mamoru Flexible Earn and Fixed Earn. Simply select the option that suits your financial goals and watch your crypto assets grow.

    1. Flexible Earn allows users to make flexible withdrawals by terminating a deposit at any point in time.
    2. Fixed Earn allows users to earn a higher percentage of rewards by depositing assets for a fixed-term, with time periods ranging from 2 to 180 days. Early termination of a Fixed Earn deposit is NOT possible.

    Subscription and Redemption

    Flexible Earn

    Subscriptions are immediate; your assets will be transferred from your Mamoru wallet into the Flexible Earn product upon confirmation.
    Once you submit a redemption request, your Flexible Earn assets + rewards will be processed for redemption and returned to your Mamoru wallet.

    Fixed Earn

    With our Fixed Earn Product, your assets are securely committed to a fixed-term deposit. Please note that these funds cannot be redeemed until the predetermined term period has come to a close.
    To subscribe to the Fixed Earn Product, you must first subscribe your funds to a Flexible Earn deposit. From there you can begin a Fixed Earn deposit. Subscriptions are immediate; your assets will be transferred from your Flexible Earn account into the Fixed Earn product upon confirmation.
    Once the Fixed Earn term length has ended, your assets + rewards will be automatically transferred from your Fixed Earn subscription > back to your original Flexible Earn subscription.
    From there, you can choose to re-invest with Fixed Earn, keep your assets in the Flexible Earn product or redeem your assets + rewards back to your Mamoru wallet.

    At Mamoru, we prioritize your security and convenience. Our advanced security measures ensure that your assets are always safe and secure, while our intuitive interface makes it simple for you to start earning rewards on your crypto assets right away.

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